Eurimages and Turkish Cinema eurimages and turkish cinema

Eurimages and Turkish Cinema

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Considering the experience of the first twenty years of Turkey’s membership of Eurimages (as from 1990), this book examines the contributions of a supranational cinema support fund – which demands a series of culturally sensitive criteria to be met - on a national cinema industry. In addition to the co-production, exhibition and distribution support provided by Eurimages, and its contribution to filmmaking practices, Turkish-initiative co-productions - those directed by Turkish filmmakers, and those whose themes are pertinent to Turkey – are analysed herein with regard to the ‘nationalness’ of their content and narrative styles. Eurimages practically has been a good source of financial support for Turkish filmmakers seeking to engage with the problematic aspects of Turkey’s national identity or simply seeking to convey the contribution of components to Turkey’s overall cultural identity. This study also reveals those representations of diversity with particular regard to ethnic, religious and gender identities through a close examination of Turkish-initiative co-productions that have been supported by the Fund.