Evaluation of Good Pharmacy Practice pf d arcy d arcy the pharmacy

Evaluation of Good Pharmacy Practice

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This project was designed for the evaluation of the current pharmacy practices at community pharmacies of Lahore on basis of WHO/FIP guidelines. This assessment was based on 50 indicators in form of survey which fulfills almost all areas of community pharmacy practice. Questionnaire was filled through the verbal communication with personnel. Total of 200 drug sale outlets were selected. The collected data was used to categorize the drug sale outlets on basis of score in four categories (A, B, C, and D). According to results obtained 88% of drug sale outlets secured below 50% of the total score .The data was analyzed using descriptive statistics. It was concluded that GPP guidelines for pharmacy practices need to be established in Pakistan. Qualified pharmacist should personally supervise the drug sale outlets to enhance the rational use of drugs. The compounding and dispensing section has a lot of improvement to be done regarding formulation and supervision personally by pharmacist and also these premises have to be separate from major area as per law. Other major areas identified by this study that require improvement include training, premises, storage system, and service.

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