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Korean Re-Unification

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The genesis of the Korean conflict is to be traced not to the dilapidated political and factional infrastructure of Korea, after the Japanese surrender in 1945, but to the hegemonic framework of the Super Powers after the Second World War. A pragmatic analysis and assessment of the Korean conflict suffers from an increasingly marked contrast that exists today between North and South. The issue of ‘re-unification’ rather a ‘peaceful re-unification’ of the two halves of the country is the most important problem of the Korean conflict. In order to overcome mistrust and suspicion, a realistic approach and an attitude of conciliation and confidence may be helpful in gradually eliminating obstacles that stand in the way of achieving re-unification in order to overcome the misunderstanding caused by a long period of separation. This book tries to examine the problems related to the process of re-unification of Korea and also provides valuable information as to how a consensus can be drawn towards its ‘peaceful’ re-unification. It is hoped that it may also be found valuable to those working in related discipline such as international relations and also to the interested layman.